Petal Clock


Authorized Original. Produced by Vitra
Year Designed: 1957
Materials: Brass, aluminum, black lacquered metal
Measures: 17.75" diameter
George Nelson Petal Clock
George Nelson Petal Clock
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George Nelson wall clock production. Video courtesy Vitra.

Petals in metal. A modernist dark flower with brass highlights creates a star pattern in its negative space that also evokes a nocturne vignette.

In 1947, the American designer George Nelson was commissioned by Howard Miller to create a collection of clocks. Over the 35 year collaboration, the designers at George Nelson Associates created more than 100 modern time pieces. Although the models shared an absence of numbers, the diversity of their shapes, colors, materials and designs vary greatly. Nelson's archival estate was bequeathed to the Vitra Design Museum in 1986. Vitra began reissuing Nelson Clocks in 1999. There are currently over 20 models (including variants) in production; new pieces are added periodically. Read more about the history of George Nelson Clocks »


Always invest in the well-crafted original; it is a lifelong companion that holds both past & future value.

  • Handmade in Poland
  • Original George Nelson Clock produced by Vitra
  • Dimensions: 17.625 in. diameter (44.8 cm)
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • High quality quartz clock movement
  • 1.5v battery powered (included)
  • Materials: Brass; aluminum; black lacquered metal
  • Setting the time

    Never adjust the time by moving the hands. Use the dial on the back of the clock to set the time.

    setting the time on george nelson wall clocks

  • Replacing the battery

    All wall clocks are powered by a AA 1.5v battery (included).

    replacing battery on george nelson wall clocks

  • Cleaning

    Use a soft, damp cloth and a mild, non-abrasive detergent for cleaning stains. Unless you purchased directly from us, please contact Vitra for additional care instructions for stubborn stains or mechanical issues. We generally recommend the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

  • Return policy

    We do not offer full refunds for George Nelson clock purchases, unless your clock arrives damaged or is malfunctioning. We will accept a return within 30 days if your clock is returned in original, unused condition. Buyer pays return shipping plus 10% restocking fee.

  • Warranty & repairs

    George Nelson clocks produced by Vitra are guaranteed against defects under normal use, for 2 years on parts & labor from the date of purchase and delivery damages reported within 3 business days of delivery. All repairs are done at the factory. Parts only are coverd from years 2-5; if the replacement part does not fix the issue, a full replacement may be authorized. Normal wear and tear damage or defects are excluded from warranty after 2 years. Please contact us if you have any problems throughout the life of your clock—whether in or out of warranty.

George Nelson clock installation showing scale
George Nelson Wall Clocks shown at relative scale. Size ranges from 9 to 30 inches.