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ClockClock 24

Humans since 1982's twenty-four clocks are individually choreographed to collectively tell a story in one singular digital kinetic art display. ClockClock 24 displays time in either 12-or 24-hour format and has three modes of different choreographed movement between each minute. Six editions. Designed & Engineered in Stockholm, Sweden. | $6,000-10,700

clockclock 24

ClockClock 24

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a million times
A million Times 108

ClockClock, A million Times & Commissions

ClockClock 24 is part of a larger kinetic clock art series by the artist collaborative "Humans since 1982." Like their commissioned & larger works, ClockClock 24 utilizes fundamental minimalist forms, the seriality of conceptual art, and kinetic motion.

ClockClock 24 (and upcoming ClockClock 9) are affordable entry points to collecting work by Humans since 1982—bringing a functional object that is equal parts high design, technical innovation, and fine art to residential & commercial spaces. Prior to ClockClock, only commissions and larger works beginning at 30k were an option for collectors. With the ClockClock and A million Times editions, lovers of design and kinetic art can enjoy work by an international design team that has created awe-inspiring public art commissions such as A million Times at Changi (Singapore), which features 504 identical clock faces in motion.

We will happily connect you with our contact at Humans since 1982 for any commission inquiries or purchases larger than the ClockClock 24 edition. Email Kirk directly.

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Bastian Bischoff and Per Emanuelsson, Collection of Motion: Waterfalls (Tiered), Surveillance Light Chandelier

Humans since 1982

Humans since 1982 is a interdisciplinary art and design team based in Stockholm, Sweden. They were established in 2009 by Bastian Bischoff (b. 1982, Germany) and Per Emanuelsson (b. 1982, Sweden). The studio is co-owned with engineer David Cox (b. 1983, Australia). Humans since 1982 is also comprised of international programmers, designers, and technicians who collaborate on projects from inception to installation.

Humans since 1982's work is recognized for elevating and subverting everyday objects (whether clocks, smartphones or surveillance equipment), and for lively visual puns—and the pursuit of obtaining the unobtainable. The collective’s kinetic sculptures featured on our site are affordable iterations of existing series by Humans since 1982. ClockClock 24 shares the same playful and precise spirit of their commissioned and larger works, expanding the wall clock beyond its administrative functions and transforming it into engaging and technically sophisticated artwork that enhances daily environments.