C-Brain Hanamokko Desk Clocks

C-Brain Hanamokko Clocks

Hanamokko is a charming table clock with a minimalist, rounded, wood form and vibrant dial. With a modern, stylish appearance, C-Brain’s table clock is committed to traditional materials and techniques, including iwa-enogu and rakusui-gama dials and rokuro-biki formed Zelkova hardwood.

Clocks listed as in stock are on hand and ship from Charlotte, NC.

C-Brain, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan


C-Brain is a Japanese workshop that has been making handmade watches since 1994 in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. It strives to create thoughtful clocks and watches that bring a delicate warmth, joy, and comfort using regional materials and time-honored techniques. In 2008, C-Brain launched the "Hanamokko" brand, which incorporates traditional materials such as lacquer, gold leaf, and mineral pigments into the dials. The Hanamokko table clock was born from the same process and artistry learned from the production of their wristwatches.