Clock Forward is a platform for elegant objects that center time, innovative design, and kinetic motion.

humans since 1982
Humans since 1982 A million Times 288 (Stockholm, Switzerland)


Clock Forward (Charlotte, NC) is an exceptional platform principally designed to share and sell contemporary wall and table timepieces from around the world. We curate an evolving, leading-edge collection for stylistically diverse clientele. As dedicated representatives, we are committed to bringing you expert pre-sale support and responsive tailored customer service throughout the life of your acquisition. Once the piece is installed in your space, we provide support so your time-centric art continues to bring joy in the years to come.

QLOCKTWO EARTH and MOON 90 (Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany)

Our Goals

  • Discover and introduce innovative kinetic works to new audiences
  • Provide experienced advice and share samples so you can purchase the best work for your home or project
  • Provide accessible and responsive US-based expert customer service & repairs
  • Continually evolve through customer suggestions and client feedback
  • Feature unique works ranging in price
  • Represent sustainable, repairable, and reliable works

st mark's clock
St Mark's Clock by Giovan Paolo Rainieri (Venice, Italy)


Established in 2019, the concept for Clock Forward was conceived by Kirk Fanelly, who has more than two decades of experience as a professional painter, online business developer and marketer. After quickly shifting from engineering in college, he studied painting at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, sparking his keen, ongoing interest in technological innovation and art-making traditions. Kirk became passionate about a concept of showcasing innovative, well-designed clocks after helping promote QLOCKTWO in the US. Built from a desire to make its creators’ works more accessible to collectors and inspire future creators, Clock Forward is part of a resurgent interest in timepieces and mechanical objects, striving to advance wall and table top time-related art and appropriately aligning it with contemporary art and architecture environments.

Design Credit

Diane Thibault @ Greene Street Creative