Clock Forward is a platform for elegant objects that center time, innovative design, and kinetic motion.

QLOCKTWO LARGE (Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany)

Why Us

We are a North Carolina based gallery focusing on time-related artwork from the US and Europe. Clock Forward is similar to a traditional art gallery in that you will work directly with the owner. We communicate frequently with our makers ensuring you have two layers of expert, responsive support.

Time Fast by L’EPÉE 1839 (Delémont, Switzerland)

Our Goals

  • Introduce timepiece works to new audiences online and in public spaces
  • Help our clients purchase works that bring daily joy
  • Provide accessible, expert customer service
  • Collaborate with our makers sharing expertise & ideas
  • Feature unique works irrespective of price

st mark's clock
St Mark's Clock by Giovan Paolo Rainieri (Venice, Italy)


The concept for Clock Forward was conceived by Kirk Fanelly, who has over 2 decades of experience as both a professional painter and online developer & marketer. While building an online business that involved selling QLOCKTWO, Kirk shared the German 'word clock' with senior interior designer and architect friends and was surprised they were unfamiliar with the work. He encountered similar reactions when introducing other makers in this genre. Clock Forward was built from a desire to make these works more accessible to collectors and inspire future creators. We strive to advance wall and desktop timepiece art and appropriately align it with contemporary art vs. novelty.

Design Credit

Diane Thibault @ Greene Street Creative