The mission of Clock Forward is to promote works of art that tell time in innovative ways.

QLOCKTWO LARGE (Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany)

Why Us

We are a growing specialty site showcasing clocks from around the world that embrace 'The Art of Time.' We work with our clock artists to assist in securing sales and seeking out new marketing ideas & relationships. When you contact us, you'll speak directly with our owner who in turn communicates requests and ideas directly to the manufacturers. When you call us, you'll always get the same person who remembers and delivers what was promised. By purchasing from Clock Forward, you are supporting a community of artists: from our owner to our clock artists—and encouraging the incubation and success of future time innovators.

Time Fast by L’EPÉE 1839 (Delémont, Switzerland)

Our Goals

  • Introduce clock collections to new audiences online and in public spaces
  • Market locations where customers can see clocks in person
  • Form relationships with professionals within the design & luxury industries
  • Enrich documentation of clocks
  • Grow a marketplace and awareness through cross-selling kindred works
  • Encourage and support new 'Art of Time'—from concept to retail
  • Provide expert customer service by working closely with manufacturers
  • Collaborate with manufacturers sharing expertise to improve online marketing & presence
  • Feature unique & inspiring works irrespective of price

st mark's clock
St Mark's Clock by Giovan Paolo Rainieri (Venice, Italy)


The concept for Clock Forward was conceived by Kirk Fanelly, with 20 years of online marketing & web design experience, while building & managing an online business for a store selling QLOCKTWO alongside home décor and jewelry lines. He shared the German 'word clock' with interior designer and architect friends and was surprised his senior design contemporaries were unfamiliar with the brand. He found similar results when introducing other clock manufacturers. Clock Forward was conceived from a necessity for better marketing efforts to introduce these works to the art & design community and the need for more clocks that tell time in unconventional ways. Clock Forward strives to advance this genre of important work and appropriately align it with contemporary art instead of novelty.

Kirk is also an accomplished painter with similarly 20 years of experience in fine art, and studies at Brown, RISD and Yale. His work is found in collections across the world. Kirk brings professional and personal connections with art & design and gallery communities across various pockets of the US—with an emphasis on the Southeast. His art can be found at kirkfanelly.art »