Meccaniche Orologi Milano

Based in Milan, Meccaniche Orologi Milano (M.O.M.) is a small, family-run studio whose work is infused with Italian tradition, technological precision, and a modern ethos. M.O.M.'s exquisite works finely balance contemporary and classical design, horological innovation and tradition, and Italian artistry and precision. Informed in part by a nineteenth-century epicyclic gear design that resembles the motion of planets around the sun, the works are custom built for you today with the skill and ingenuity to last generations.

Liberty clock by Meccaniche Orologi Milano
Liberty clock by Meccaniche Orologi Milano


Wall Clocks


Liberty luxury wall clock


30 dia x 7 in, $37,300

Indianapolis Speed Twin clock


34 x 34 x 7 in, $41,900

little venice wall clock

Little Venice

30 dia x 7 in, $39,500

vivo wall clock


30 x 30 x 6 in, $32,700

Libra table clocks by Meccaniche Orologi Milano
Libra Sloped
Libra table clocks by Meccaniche Orologi Milano
Libra Sloped

Table Clocks


anondized hands, indianapolis
Anondized aluminum hands, Indianapolis
walnut and cherry wood case, little venice
Walnut and cherry case, Little Venice
24k gold-lated gears, little venice
24k gold-plated gears, Little Venice
day complication, indianapolis
Day indicator, Indianapolis


“Our declared aim is to export the passion and the spirit of Italian culture as well as the experience and the quality of 'Italian made' into the sector of Time making while paying tribute to modern design and technological features. In all our timekeepers, from the grandfather to the table clocks, we strive to create the perfect union of modernity, innovation and tradition in order to give birth to a timepiece of high quality, unique in its kind that will last for generations.” –Alessandro Rigotto
Alessandro Rigotto
M.O.M. founder and A.H.C.I. member, Alessandro Rigotto

About Meccaniche Orologi Milano

Meccaniche Orologi Milano (MOM) was founded in 2016, by Alessandro Rigotto—a member of the prestigious Horological Academy of Independent Creators (AHCI).

Alessandro grew up in Milan with an interest in math, engineering, and art. Following studies at the State University in Milan and work as a designer and programmer, he became an Associate Member of The British Horological Institute where he pursued his passion for clockmaking.

In 2012, Alessandro began engineering and producing clocks for Italian and French luxury brands. He was drawn to a profession that combines beauty, elegance, grace, innovation, quality, precision and intellect—concepts innate to his lifelong passion for mathematics, physics, engineering, and aesthetics. Clockmaking is at the core of his lifelong pursuit to grow, develop, evolve, and innovate.