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Sleep in peace, wake up in style. Jewelry for the bedroom, the Båge & Söner Alarm Clock is an object of beauty for your nightstand or tabletop. It’s a return to the bedroom as a place of relaxation and intimacy. Mixing classic style with modern functionality, this precision alarm clock is reliable and frees your sleep space from the intrusions and digital noise cell phones. Designed and assembled in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Bage & Soner Brushed Steel Alarm Clocks
Northern Lights Alarm Clock from the Steel Collection
Båge & Söner alarm clocks
Federico Casado and founder Lisen Båge

Båge & Söner

Båge & Söner began as a longing. Lisen Båge dreamed of returning the bedroom to a place for peace and intimacy. She remembered the beautiful unique alarm clock that sat on her Grandmother’s bedside table in Lausanne when Lisen was a child. This sparked a desire to create the world’s finest alarm clock—one with a classic design that can meet the needs of modern life.

Båge & Söner table alarm clocks are assembled by hand in their Stockholm workshop. Influenced by fine watchmaking and vintage travel alarm clocks, careful attention is given to every detail, from the smallest screw to the vegetable-dyed leather that encases each clock. It is important that these parts are durable, sustainable, and repairable to ensure your clock lasts for generations.