Solari Lineadesign

Solari's history spans four centuries. The newly established, Solari Lineadesign brand, has been tasked with the relaunching of the historic products that made Solari Udine famous, beginning with the Cifra 3.

Cifra 3 by Solari Lineadesign

Cifra 3 Red

Cifra 3

Designed by Gino Valle in the late 1960’s for Solari, Cifra 3 has been recognized worldwide as an icon of 20th-century design for more than fifty years. It is part of the permanent collection of the Science Museum (London) and the Museum of Modern Art (New York). Solari Lineadesign reintroduced the Cifra 3 in 2015. PC-ABS body, 24-hour flap display, battery driven stepper motor, 3.75" x 7" x 4.1", 4 colors, made in Italy | $650


Dator 60 by Solari Lineadesign

Dator 60 (horizontal and vertical models)

Dator 60

Giving something more to the reading of time than the hour and minute, Dator 60 makes it possible to view the time, day of week, and date. A perpetual calendar first designed over 60 years ago, it is available in English or Italian. PC-ABS body, 24-hour and date flap display, battery driven stepper motor, horizontal or vertical, black or white, made in Italy | $1460

Solari Lineadesign Dator 60

Dator 60

V: 13" x 9.5" or H: 4.5" x 26"

solari lineadesign Italy
Solari Udine are the inventors of the flap system that revolutionized displays worldwide.

Solari Udine

In 1725, the Fratelli Solari Company—known as the “Antica e premiata fabbrica di orologi da torre”—was established in Pesariis, a small town in the mountains of Carnia in Friuli, Italy. In the twentieth century, brothers Fermo and Remigio Solari transformed their entrepreneurial vision into business success with the invention of the flap system, revolutionizing the display of time and public information throughout the world.

With design and production solely based in Italy, Solari continues to write the history of time and industrial clockmaking with solutions that range from clocks for the home to globally distributed public information display systems. Solari is the company of time: time for the individual, time for travelers and large transportation, time for smart cities, time at the service of communities and the quality of life.

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