ClockClock 24


Produced in Sweden. 15.7" x 35.5" x 1.3", Corian body (please contact us for samples), electronics, 24 clocks. 6 Editions. Dedicated support during & after 2 year warranty.
Kinetic art & timepiece: 3 modes of movement between minute display (15 unique choreographies)
Clock Clock 24 - Black (Edition of 950)
Clock Clock 24 - Black (Edition of 950)
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ClockClock 24 by Humans since 1982 is both a kinetic sculpture art edition and functioning timepiece. It combines conceptual art with technical synchronized precision and expert craftsmanship. Each work is produced and carefully assembled in Humans since 1982's workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. Clock Forward and Humans since 1982 are committed to providing support for this work during and after its 2 year warranty.

The ClockClock project started in 2008 by Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff. Inspired by the question "How to shape time", the university duo experimented with analog clock hands that would depict a changing, moving typography. They showed a mock-up to electrical engineer, Australian David Cox. Cox (also now part of Humans since 1982) helped the duo develop a prototype. A curator at the auction house Phillips de Pury took the work to Saatchi Gallery London and sold one to a Russian oligarch. Selling on the art market in a small edition number, ClockClock 24 was eventually created to reach a broader audience. We like to point out that this work is part of an ongoing series within a broader body of artistic work. Along with ClockClock 24, there are several other editions and commissions including the recent ClockClock L and the ongoing A million Times works. Please contact us for more information.

Twenty-four clocks come together to tell a collective story in one singular digital display. Each individual clock hand is choreographed in line with the others; the twenty-four clocks tell the time as a collective, rather than individually. The clocks transition from unpredictable spinning to synchronized alignment—visually representing both the concept of time and the literal display of time.ClockClock 24 can be programmed in 12-or 24-hour time format and can display three different modes of movement between each minute: minimal, medium or elaborate. Elaborate contains ten different choreographies shown over ten minutes on a loop.

ClockClock 24 is available in 6 editions: White, Grey, Black (950 works each); and Golden Hands (White or Black) and Noir (250 works each). The hands in the Golden Hands editions are 22k gold-plated. The clock body is made of Corian (acrylic polymer & mineral composite similar to granite). Please contact us for Corian samples (especially if you are debating between white and grey). Clock Clock 24 is 40lbs and for wall display only; it includes necessary wall mount hardware & accessories. The cord can be concealed by recessing the outlet.

The ClockClock L is the next tier up in this series, and even larger scale works are available from the studio in the A million Times series. Please contact Kirk for more information.

Humans since 1982 is a interdisciplinary team based in Stockholm, Sweden that defies traditional art & design categorizations. They were established in 2009 by Bastian Bischoff (b. 1982, Germany) and Per Emanuelsson (b. 1982, Sweden). Humans since 1982 exhibits worldwide at leading galleries, fairs and institutions. Their experiential installations and series works explore themes concurrent to their renowned kinetic sculpture clock artwork.

Note: If you see this work listed as Burkofiy Clock, Flourisca Clock, Flouriscauk Clock, MoriceDeco Clock, Rgiles Kittot (or anything else) it is a scam. There is only one maker of this series and ClockClock 24 never is sold at a discount. Our advice is to purchase now and enjoy.

  • ClockClock 24
  • Produced & hand assembled in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Includes: ClockClock 24 body, hanging plate, USB cable (118 in. / 3m), USB plug (US), microfiber cleaning cloth, cotton gloves, hanging template, user manual
  • Corian case (Corian is an acrylic polymer & mineral composite similar to granite. Please contact us for samples.)
  • Dimensions: 15.7h x 35.4w x 1.3d in (400 x 900 x 1.3 cm)
  • Wall bracket depth: 0.9" (23mm)
  • Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)
  • Backup battery for short term power loss
  • Ambient temperature: 50° - 95° F (10° - 35° C) *Do not place in bathrooms, outdoors, areas with high humidity or strong vibrations.
  • 950 White Edition
  • 950 Grey Edition
  • 950 Black Edition
  • 250 Noir Edition
  • 250 White Golden Hands (22k gold-plated clock hands)
  • 250 Black Golden Hands (22k gold-plated clock hands)
    • Plug socket or direct power operation (with electrician assistance)
    • USB adapter input: 100V-240V 50-60 Hz 0.25 A
    • USB adapter output: 5V, 2 Amp DC
    • Micro USB cable: 24 AWG / 2C or lower AWG value
    • Time displays every minute with 24 sets of hands forming numbers.
    • 3 modes of movement between each minute display: minimal, medium or elaborate

      Mode 1 (Elaborate): This mode contains ten different choreographies for display. For each minute, the clock hands come together to perform one of the ten choreographies before displaying the exact time. This mode is visually the liveliest of all modes.

      Mode 2 (Medium): This mode contains five different choreographies for display. For each minute, the clock hands come together to perform one of the five choreographies before displaying the exact time. This mode is visually elaborated without being too lively.

      Mode 3 (Minimal): This mode does not display any choreographies. Only the necessary clock hands will turn once a minute to display the exact time. This mode is visually simple and quiet.
    • 2 modes of time format (12 or 24hr)
    • Buttons on back to manually adjust time, time format, 3 movement modes, and on/off
  • Download manufacturer manual
  • Installation

    Please consult the manufacturer manual for installation instructions.

    • For wall-mounted, indoor use only. Do not use in high humidity spaces or in direct sunlight.
    • Two persons are required to hang the artwork.
    • Installer should be knowledgable of hanging heavy works (40lbs).
    • Concealed wiring is possible. Consult your electrician to rececess an outlet aligned accurately behind the clock. Always use the provided adaptor and cable to ensure warranty coverage.
  • Starting the artwork
    • Make sure artwork is unplugged or turned off. Using the provided gloves, move all clock hands manually to position 'six' (pointing directy down).
    • Plug the adapter into the wall socket.
    • To start the artwork, gently press any of the three buttons on the back of the artwork. You will hear a beeping sound and the clock hands will start to move and the time will be set to 12:00.

    starting cc24
    All clock hands should be in the 6:30 position (pointing down)

    starting cc24
    Facing the front, the buttons are located on the lower left.

  • Setting the mode

    ClockClock 24 features 3 different choreographic modes in either 12 or 24 hour format (6 total modes).

    changing mode

    Pressing the Mode button cycles through each of the 6 modes.

    • Mode 12:1 — 12 hour time format, 10 choreographies
    • Mode 12:2 — 12 hour time format, 5 choreographies
    • Mode 12:3 — 12 hour time format, only shows the time
    • Mode 24:1 — 24 hour time format, 10 choreographies
    • Mode 24:2 — 24 hour time format, 5 choreographies
    • Mode 24:3 — 24 hour time format, only shows the time

    6 modes

  • Setting the time

    Setting the time is simple with the 2 buttons located on the back of the ClockClock 24. Time is displayed on a 12 or 24-hour cycle (adjusted using the Mode button).

    cc24 buttons

    • Choose whether you wish to display time in either 12 or 24 hour format using the mode button (see 'Setting Mode')
    • Once you push the hour or minute button, the artwork will show the time.
    • As long as the time is displayed on the artwork, you can adjust it.
    • The clock hands will immediately start to move when pushing the hour or minute buttons.
    • Push the hour button once to increase the time by an hour.
    • Push the minute button once to increase the time by a minute.
  • Switching the artwork off
    • Press and hold any of the three buttons until you hear 3 beeps; all clock hands will move to and remain in 'six' position.
    • The artwork is now in sleep mode and is using a very small amount of power to remember the time.
    • You also may enter this mode to re-align the hands. See 'Re-aligning the clock hands'.
  • Re-aligning the hands

    If the hands become out of synch, you will need to re-align the hands.

    • Always wear the cotton gloves when touching the artwork body and/or hands.
    • Switch the artwork off (press and hold any button until you hear 3 beeps).
    • Hands will move into position 'six'. Gently re-align any hands that are not facing down.
    • Press any button to resume displaying the time.

    cc24 buttons
    All hands should be pointing down in the 'six' position.

  • Cleaning
    • ClockClock 24 should be cleaned at least once every six months to avoid dust related build-up and issues in the electronics which may affect the warranty.
    • Before cleaning the ClockClock 24 you should stop the artwork. To stop the artwork press any of the three buttons for a minimum of 15 seconds, all the hands will point down to 6:30. The ClockClock 24 artwork will remain stopped until you press any of the three buttons once to restart. The clock hands will turn back into their initial position in the last selected mode.
    • Once the artwork is turned off, you can clean the surface of the artwork with a cloth lightly damped in warm soapy water, ammonia-based household cleaner, or a dedicated counter-top cleaner. Avoid using window cleaners as they can leave a waxy build-up that dulls the surface. Never spray liquids directly onto the artwork.
    • Wipe the surface of the artwork completely dry immediately after cleaning to prevent film build-up.
    • Use a feather duster or a can of compressed air to remove the dust from the surface more frequently. If some hands were misaligned during the cleaning, you can re-align described in 'Re-aligning the clock hands'.
  • Moving the clock

    Once the clock is switched off, remove the clock from the hanging plate, unplug the cable and place the clock on a soft surface.

  • Battery backup

    ClockClock 24 has a built-in battery that keeps track of time in case of a power cutage, so you don't need to reset the time. Once the power is back on, it will resume with the current time.

  • Sound during operation

    The ClockClock 24 does not make any noticeable noise; however, the movement sound may be noticeable in very quiet settings. We do not recommend installing it in a bedroom or any room where absolute silence is important. We find it interesting that some customers expect clocks to be silent—when this was never the case with mechanical clocks.

  • Where not to display
    • Do not install in rooms with high humidity or outdoors.
    • Do not place the artwork where it could incur unintentional knocks or pulling of the cable.
    • Avoid direct heat radiation, for example heat from radiators
    • Avoid direct sunlight
    • Though quiet, not for use in areas where absolute silence is required.
  • Samples & return policy

    We have Corian samples we can mail if you are deciding between white, grey or black editions.

    Clock Forward does not accept returns for ClockClock 24. We feel all our customers deserve a new unused work and each time the work is shipped increases the risk of damaging the artwork. Please contact us with any pre-sale questions. As with any art purchase, we want you to purchase a work that brings you daily joy.

  • Warranty

    ClockClock 24 is covered by a 2 year warranty starting at the delivery date of your purchase. Please consult the manual for full warranty terms. Clock Forward and Humans since 1982 are committed to providing out of warranty support at reasonable costs as long as we exist. The studio has a history of maintaining large scale works around the world.

    If damage results from not following the ClockClock 24 manual, the warranty will become invalid. The warranty will expire if your ClockClock 24 is tampered with (e.g. altered, opened or modified) or if the seal on the back of the artwork is broken.

    Humans since 1982 and Clock Forward are not liable for any damage to property or personal injury caused by not following the instructions for use, improper handling or incorrect placement or mounting of the artwork.

    Please contact us with any pre-sale questions or maintenance concerns.

  • Repairs

    Any maintenance or repair work should be carried out by Humans since 1982 or an expert authorized by Humans since 1982.

    Do not attempt to repair or open the artwork yourself; if it is still under warranty, the warranty will become invalid.

    If your ClockClock 24 is damaged or not functioning properly, please contact us and we will connect you to Humans since 1982 if additional support is necessary. We are happy to assist, even if you didn't purchase from us.