Time Cubed


Limited Edition - Sold Out. Please email us for notification if Time Cubed goes into production again. Consider purchasing another original creation by Barry, Nouveau Aurora.
Time Cubed
Time Cubed

Tell time with colors on a cube face limited edition. Time Cubed is a desktop clock, a conversation piece, a puzzle to all new audiences, playful, an hourly chime clock, kinetic & light art, and simply cute (in the most endearing way). Time Cubed is an original creation by horologist Barry Gamble designed and made in Cotati, CA. As with all his original works, this piece is a limited edition; once Gamble runs out of components (there may be 100 or so left), this version will no longer exist.

The case is matte finish flat black acrylic with scratch resistant feet.

The LED display sequences a new random pattern of lit positions and colors every 10 seconds. First, a new hours pattern & color (top face section); then one second later, a new 10's of minutes pattern & color (left face section); then one second later, the minutes (right face section). This display is held for 7 seconds before starting over. There is also an hourly chime sequence. The detail images show the configurations for each hour.

The time is based on the illuminated segments and their face location.

Significance of each face (group of 5 segments):
• The top face displays the HOUR
• The left face displays MINUTES IN INCREMENTS OF 10
• The right face displays MINUTES IN INCREMENTS OF 1

Add the illuminated colored segments within each face:
• Each RED colored segment equals 5
• Every NON-RED COLOR equals 1
• Each UNLIT or WHITE segment is ignored

*The last 12 detail images show the hourly chime sequence. In this case, each face displays the hour.

  • Handmade in Cotati, California USA
  • Year Released: 2016
  • Dimensions: 5.2h x 5.1w x 1.5d in (13.2 x 13.0 x 3.8 cm)
  • Weight: 12 oz (0.34 kg)
  • Precision: ±0 seconds/month (if power is maintained)
  • Power Supply: 120 VAC 60 HZ, less than 2 WATTS (contact us for info on 230 VAC, 50 HZ)
  • Adjust time
  • Dim or turn off/on hourly chimes
  • Unlit segments can be shown lit (white) or unlit (dark mode)
  • LED dimmer control
  • 60 second power backup
  • Color positions change every 7-10 seconds
  • Features are stored in case of power failure (you only need to reset the time)
  • Super Flux Variable Spectrum LED & microprocessor
  • Red, Blue, Green and White LEDs
  • LEDs will dim only by 30% in 15-20 years
  • CASE
  • Sturdy matte black acrylic case
  • Scratch-resistant rubber feet
  • Download manufacturer manual
  • Reading the time

    The time is built from the illuminated segments and their face location.

    reading time on time cubed

    Significance of each face (group of 5 segments)

    • Top Face = HOURS
    • Left Face = TENS OF MINUTES
    • Right Face = MINUTES

    Add the illuminated colored segments within each face:

    • Each RED colored segment = 5
    • Every NON-RED COLOR = 1
    • Each UNLIT or WHITE = 0
  • Setting the time

    When power has been off, the clock will display red. Press the MODE switch once and set the time. Use another clock that displays seconds when setting if you want the hourly chime to "ding" on time.

    time cubed back

    Time Cubed back

    • Set hours: Press and hold HOUR switch to advance the hours. Watch the hours advance on the hours face.
    • Set minutes: Press and hold the MINUTE switch to advance the minutes. Watch the minutes and tens-of-minutes advance in increments of 1. Each minute advance also resets the seconds to zero. If you wait until 00 seconds to advance it the final Minute, the hourly chime will be more precise. Tip: press and simultaneously hold the MINUTE + MODE switches to subtract minutes when setting the time.
  • Setting the brightness

    Press and simultaneously hold the HOUR + MODE switches to dim the display in steps. When the display gets to minimum brightness, it will return to the maximum brightness on the next step and repeat the downward brightness increments.

  • Setting features

    Press and hold the MODE switch to change features. As you hold the MODE switch, the display counts up. Release the MODE switch when you reach the number of the feature you want to change. Releasing the MODE switch toggles whether the setting is on or off. A 'ding' sound means that feature is now activated, a quieter 'chirp' means it's off. MODE will cycle through features 1-6 before starting over. This will be a little confusing at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

    • 1 Dark Mode (Ding = On) Segments that are 'off' are either lit (white) or off (dark)
    • 2 Nothing (this function was removed)
    • 3 Hourly Chime (Ding = On)
    • 4 Reduce Chime Volume 60% (Ding = Reduced)
    • 5 Reset (Time will restart at 11:59:50)
    • 6 Exits without changes

    Example: To turn off the hourly chime, press and hold the Mode switch until the hours face reads '3' and then release the switch.

  • Power failure

    Time should be stored for up to 1 minute following a power outage. If the failure is longer than a minute, you will see the 'power was off' red display. Press MODE switch and reset the time.

    A power failure of medium duration may result in the face being completely unlit when power returns. Try pushing in the MODE switch. If it’s still unlit, unplug it for 5 minutes before trying again.

  • Cleaning

    Be gentle when cleaning the white acrylic face segments; they can be pushed in by accident if force is applied. Clean with a micro-fiber cloth.

  • Warranty & repairs

    Your clock is guaranteed against defects, under normal use, for 1 year on parts and labor from the date of purchase. All repairs are done at the factory.