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New 2020 Release: 5.3" alarm clock matrix body (PEEK), interchangeable Front Cover & accessories
QLOCKTWO TOUCH PURE + Black Ice Tea Acrylic Glass
QLOCKTWO TOUCH PURE + Black Ice Tea Acrylic Glass
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The QLOCKTWO TOUCH measures 5.3" x 5.3" and is an artful interpretation of the nightstand / desktop alarm clock. It consists of a clock matrix body and interchangeable Front Cover, that together, tell time in words. The words display time in 5-minute increments, while 4 perimeter dots light up to signify the 1-4 minutes in-between. Features include: gentle to increasingly persuasive alarm, touch functions, night light, and 4 illumination settings. View 'specs' for a complete list of features.

The new TOUCH PURE (June 2020 release) features a UV protected white PEEK body and base (Polyether ether ketone: a high-performance, strong thermoplastic used in many demanding applications). We will continue to offer acrylic glass front covers + silver aluminum body while existing inventory allows.

TOUCH Special Editions are comprised of unique front covers with different aluminum body finishes & cables. The Creator's Edition Hand-Rusted Raw Steel and Deep Black Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coated finishes have a black coated solid aluminum body and base, while the Golden Legend has a 24k gold coated body and base. All three come with a 137" black cloth cable. The Full Metal, Creator's Editions Vintage Copper and Silver & Gold have a silver solid aluminum body and come with the standard 118" metal mesh power cable.

You only need to purchase one clock matrix body to use any language or style TOUCH Front Cover*. Front Covers may be purchased separately once you own a clock matrix. They are held in place by magnets and are easily interchanged. Front Covers are available in over 20 different languages in either QOLOR polished acrylic glass, or Special Edition stainless steel finishes with laser cut letters in a variety of finishes.

The TOUCH'S Front Cover and/or base can be custom engraved for corporate gifts. The genius of etching the base with a logo is that the recipient can choose to display it in front of the clock, or conceal it by hiding it behind the clock. In either case, your customer will be reminded fondly of your business every day. Front Covers can also be custom colored.

All QLOCKTWO products are Handmade in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. QLOCKTWO is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified and is the recipient of numerous contemporary design awards including: Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior, iF Product Design Award, ADCE Gold Award, and Red Dot Design Award.

*except Arabic (due to technical reasons)

  • Handmade in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
  • Includes: QLOCKTWO TOUCH alarm clock matrix body, front cover, magnetic stainless steel base (PEEK on TOUCH PURE), self-adhesive protection strips, 118" clear metallic or 137" black cloth USB cable (see variant details), 5-V USB power supply (plugs into standard wall socket), instruction manual, microfibre cloth, cotton gloves (stainless steel models)
  • Body constructed of solid aluminum milled from a single block (TOUCH PURE base is PEEK--polyether ether ketone), with front cover: 5.3 x 5.3 x 0.7 in (13.5 x 13.5 x 1.7 cm)
  • Weight: approximately 0.9 lbs (0.4 kg)
  • Stainless steel magnetic base: 3.5 x 2.4 x .1 in (9 × 6 x 0.3 cm)
  • Ambient temperature: 59° - 86° F (15° - 30° C) *Do not place in bathrooms, outdoors, or high humidity areas.
  • Precision: ±90 seconds/year
  • LED service life: Approximately 50,000 hours (6 years of continuous operation before decreased luminosity)
  • Programmed languages (*require matching front cover): CA Catalan, CH Swiss German, CN Chinese (standardized/traditional), CZ Czech, D3 German (Swabian dialect), D4 German (alternative display), DE German, DK Danish, EN English, ES Spanish, FR French, GR Greek, HE He/liew, IT Italian, JP Japanese, NL Dutch, NO Norwegian, PE Portuguese, RO Romanian, RU Russian, SE Swedish, TR Turkish
  • Alarm clock
  • Touch snooze
  • Night touch
  • Night light
  • Seconds mode
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Interchangeable Front Covers
    • USB power supply unit port: 110 V − 240 V ~/ 50/60 Hz, 100mA
    • USB power supply unit output: 5 V 800 mA
    • QLOCKTWO TOUCH port: 5 V 380 mA
    • Power consumption: 1-2 watts
    • Included 118" USB cable (clear plastic coating over metal mesh) or 137" USB cable (black cloth) and USB/wall power adapter
    • *All QLOCKTWO TOUCH Front Cover variants and languages are interchangeable with any QLOCKTWO TOUCH alarm clock matrix body, except Arabic.
    • QOLOR acrylic glass in 7 different colors with either PEEK corpus (new) or silver aluminum body (while supplies last).
    • CUSTOM COLOR special color RAL matte powder coated, laser-cut letters. Contact us for details.
    • CUSTOM ETCHING custom base plate & Front Cover etching is possible for corporate gifts. Contact us for details.
    • FULL METAL brushed stainless steel front cover, silver aluminum body & base; laser-cut letters, 118" metal mesh USB cable
    • CREATOR'S EDITION VINTAGE COPPER stainless steel, patinated copper surface & permanently fixed front cover with laser-cut letters, silver aluminum body & base; laser-cut letters, 118" metal mesh USB cable
    • CREATOR'S EDITION SILVER & GOLD stainless steel, hand-covered 12k white gold leaf with permanently fixed oxidized silver patina front cover with laser-cut letters, silver aluminum body & base; laser-cut letters, 118" metal mesh USB cable
    • DEEP BLACK diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated stainless steel front cover, body & base; laser cut letters, 137" black cloth USB cable
    • CREATOR'S EDITION RUST hand-rusted raw steel, laser-cut letters, black coated aluminum body & base, 137" black cloth USB cable
    • GOLDEN LEGEND 24k gold-plated brushed stainless steel; 24k gold-plated aluminum body and base, 137" black cloth USB cable

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