ClockClock L


Kinetic artwork. Produced in Sweden
Year Released: 2019
Materials: Coated aluminum, 24 clocks, electronics
Measures: 28.3" x 61.8" x 2.3" (72 x 157 x 6 cm)
ClockClock L - White (Edition of 100)
ClockClock L - White (Edition of 100)
50 in stock. 4 month production time. Contact us for help visualizing this work in your space.

ClockClock L by Sweden's Humans since 1982 is the largest edition in the ClockClock kinetic timepiece series. It bridges the ClockClock 24 & 9 and the A million Times works—which further extend this foundation with larger scale surfaces, smaller edition sizes (including commissions), and increasingly complex choreographies. Rooted in the original ClockClock kinetic sculpture art edition, the ClockClock L is approximately three times the size of its smaller sibling at over 5' wide. The coated aluminum body is a sleeker, more minimal surface with larger hands compared to the Corian-bodied 24. ClockClock and A million Times artworks each utilize fundamental minimalist forms, the seriality of conceptual art, and precisely synchronized kinetic motion with expert craftsmanship. Each work is produced and carefully assembled in Humans since 1982's workshop in Stockholm, Sweden.

The ClockClock project started in 2008 by Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff. Inspired by the question "How to shape time", the university duo experimented with analog clock hands that would depict a changing, moving typography. They showed a mock-up to electrical engineer, Australian David Cox. Cox (also now part of Humans since 1982) helped the duo develop a prototype. A curator at the auction house Phillips de Pury took the work to Saatchi Gallery London and sold one to a Russian oligarch. Selling on the art market in a small edition number, ClockClock 24 was eventually created to reach a broader audience. The work as evolved as a series of editions, such as ClockClock L, that is part of a much broader body of work by the small Swedish studio.

Twenty-four clocks come together to tell a collective story in one singular digital display. Each individual clock hand is choreographed in line with the others; the twenty-four clocks tell the time as a collective, rather than individually. The clocks transition from unpredictable spinning to synchronized alignment—visually representing both the concept of time and the literal display of time.ClockClock L can be programmed in 12-or 24-hour time format and can display three different modes of movement between each minute: minimal, original or active. Active mode contains twenty different choreographies shown over twenty minutes on a loop.

ClockClock L is available in 3 editions: White or Black (100 works each) or Tidal (blue + metallic hands, 10 works). ClockClock L is 110lbs and includes necessary wall mount hardware, direct wiring options and additional parts and accessories. The work also connects via ethernet for remote technical support and software updates. Humans since 1982 and Clock Forward are dedicated to providing support for works during and beyond the 2 year warranty.

Larger scale work from the A million Times series are available from the studio. Please contact Kirk for more information.

Humans since 1982 is a interdisciplinary team based in Stockholm, Sweden that defies traditional art & design categorizations. They were established in 2009 by Bastian Bischoff (b. 1982, Germany) and Per Emanuelsson (b. 1982, Sweden). Humans since 1982 exhibits worldwide at leading galleries, fairs and institutions. Their experiential installations and series works explore themes concurrent to their renowned kinetic sculpture timepiece artwork.

  • ClockClock L
  • Produced & hand assembled in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Includes: ClockClock L body, hanging cleat, spare motors, direct wire power cable, power cable, custom cable, junction box, spare clock hands, cotton gloves, cleaning cloth, feather duster, USB Ethernet adapter, USB extension, user manual & specification sheet.
  • Black or white coated aluminum case
  • Dimensions: 28.3h x 61.8w x 2.3d in (720 x 1570 x 60 mm)
  • Weight: 110lbs (50kg)
  • Backup battery for short term power loss
  • Ambient temperature: 50° - 95° F (10° - 35° C) *Do not place outdoors or in indoor areas with high humidity or strong vibrations.
  • 100 White Edition
  • 100 Black Edition
  • 10 Tidal Edition (blue + polished metal hands)
    • Hidden direct power cable (preferred) or power cable
    • Requires less than 1A at 230V AC to function
    • Time displays every minute with 24 sets of hands forming numbers.
    • 3 modes of movement between each minute display: minimal, original or active.

      Mode 1 (Active): This mode contains twenty different choreographies shown over twenty minutes on a loop. Every minute the clock hands perform one of the twenty choreographies before displaying the accurate time. This mode is the most varied.

      Mode 2 (Original): In this mode the clock hands perform the first original clock hand choreography developed by Humans since 1982 every minute before displaying the exact time.

      Mode 3 (Minimal): This mode does not display any choreographies. Only the necessary clock hands will turn once a minute to display the exact time. This mode is visually simple and quiet.
    • 2 modes of time format (12 or 24hr)
    • Buttons on bottom of base to manually adjust time, time format, 3 movement modes, and on/off
    • Ethernet connection for software updates & remote technical support
  • Download manufacturer manual
  • Installation

    Please spend the 5-10 minutes necessary to read the ClockClock L manual in its entirity prior to installation or removing the artwork from the crate.

    If you would like support from Humans since 1982 to plan your installation please contact us.

    • For wall-mounted, indoor use only. Do not use in high humidity spaces or in direct sunlight.
    • Place work in a stable environment where no vibrations or shocks occur
    • ClockClock L is sensitive to impacts. Handle with care.
    • At least three persons are required to hang the artwork.
    • Installer should be knowledgable of hanging heavy works (110lbs) and verify your wall can support the weight.
    • Concealed wiring is preferred. All electrical components are provided for direct wiring. Please consult your electrician. Always use the provided adaptor and cable to ensure warranty coverage.
  • Powering on the artwork

    Before starting: Please read the manual & ensure you have connected the ClockClock L artwork to the power source properly.

    • To power on the artwork connect the artwork to the power outlet. If the power switch on the MC module is not turned on, do so now. The MC module is located in the electrical compartment at the back of the artwork. The hanging cleat is designed to allow you to access the electrical compartment and power switch without taking the artwork off the wall. Please do so gently and with care.
    • (1) Pull the artwork away from the wall gently at the sides so that it slides forward on the hanging cleat creating a gap of 0,5 cm between the ClockClock L artwork and the wall.
    • (2) Gently pull the artwork away from the wall the bottom side. It will swing out from the hanging cleat allowing a gap at the bottom of around 5 cm to enable access to the electrical compartment and turn on the power switch on the MC module. Please take care that the top of the artwork does not make contact with the wall during this process.

    power adapter

    tilting clockclock l

  • Start the artwork

    After power on, wait three minutes for the system to start, the artwork will automatically run a calibration process and then stop. To start the artwork push once any of the buttons on the bottom left underside of the artwork to start.


    push any button

  • Selecting choreography & time mode

    The ClockClock L artwork comes with 3 choreography modes: Active(1), Original(2) and Minimal (3), all available in either 12 or 24 hour time displays. On the underneath left-hand side of the artworks there are three buttons. You can change the choreography mode by pressing the button on the right - the mode button. Press the mode button as many times as necessary until the desired mode is selected. Mode is displayed for 10 seconds before continuing with the choreographies.

    changing mode

    Pressing the Mode button cycles through each of the 6 modes.

    • Mode 12:1 — 12 hour time format, 20 choreographies
    • Mode 12:2 — 12 hour time format, 1 choreography
    • Mode 12:3 — 12 hour time format, only shows the time
    • Mode 24:1 — 24 hour time format, 20 choreographies
    • Mode 24:2 — 24 hour time format, 1 choreography
    • Mode 24:3 — 24 hour time format, only shows the time

    6 modes

    • Mode 1: Active - This mode contains twenty different choreographies shown over twenty minutes on a loop. Every minute the clock hands perform one of the twenty choreographies before displaying the accurate time. This mode is the most varied.
    • Mode 2: Original - In this mode the clock hands perform the first original clock hand choreography developed by Humans since 1982 every minute before displaying the exact time.
    • Mode 3: Minimal - This mode displays only the time without any choreographies in between. Only the necessary clock hands will move to show the new time.
  • Set the time

    You can select the time by using the two buttons on the bottom left underside of the artwork. The furthest left button adds one hour per press. The second button from the left adds one minute per press. You can press the buttons as many times as necessary to set the desired time. After displaying the selected time for a short period the artwork will start showing the choreographies automatically and is now fully set up. In the case that you press the button too many times and go past the intended time, continue pressing the buttons to go back up through the numbers again.

    time buttons

  • Stop the artwork

    The artwork should be stopped during cleaning or maintenance, and also prior to powering off. To stop the artwork, press any of the three buttons for a minimum of 15 seconds until all clock hands move to “position 12:00” as below. The hands will remain in this position until it is started again. To re-start the artwork press any button and clock hands will return to position in the last selected mode.

    stop the art

  • Calibration

    The calibration process is automatically run when the artwork is powered on. If the hands look misaligned, the calibration process can be run any time by holding down all three buttons for minimum 30 seconds. The calibration process will also reset the choreography mode and time. Press any button to start the artwork after calibration.

    All hands should be pointing up in the 12:00 position.

  • Powering off the artwork
    • Stop the artwork by pressing any of the buttons for a minimum of 15 seconds.
    • Once all the hands are pointing up to 12:00, turn off the power switch located on the MC module at the back of the artwork. See 'Powering on the artwwork' for directions on accessing the MC module without removing the artwork from the wall.

    power adapter

  • Sound during operation

    The ClockClock L does not make any noticeable noise; however, the movement sound may be noticeable in very quiet settings. We do not recommend installing it in a bedroom or any room where absolute silence is important.

  • Remote technical support

    The artwork has the built-in capability for remote diagnostics via an internet connection. For this reason, we recommend installing an ethernet outlet that can be connected to (and hidden by) the work. Please contact us for pre-installation questions.

  • Cleaning
    • Important: The ClockClock L artwork should be cleaned at least once every six months to avoid dust related build-up and issues in the electronics which may affect the warranty.
    • Before cleaning the ClockClock L you should stop the artwork. To stop the artwork press any of the three buttons for a minimum of 15 seconds, all the hands will point up to 12:00. The ClockClock L artwork will remain stopped until you press any of the three buttons once to restart. The clock hands will turn back into their initial position in the last selected mode.
    • Once the artwork is turned off, you can clean the surface of the ClockClock L artwork with a cloth lightly damped in warm soapy water, ammonia-based household cleaner, or a dedicated counter-top cleaner. Avoid using window cleaners as they can leave a waxy build-up that dulls the surface. Never spray liquids directly onto the artwork.
    • Wipe the surface of the artwork completely dry immediately after cleaning to prevent film build-up.
    • You can use the provided feather duster or a can of compressed air to remove the dust from the surface more frequently. If some hands were misaligned during the cleaning, you can run the calibration process described in 'Calibration'.
  • Pre-sale questions

    Please contact us for all pre-sale questions regarding installation, the artwork, or payment/contract terms. The lead time for this work is currently 4 months. If you need help visualizing ClockClock L in your space, we have a few helpful ways of assisting.

  • Warranty & Repairs

    ClockClock L is covered by a 2 year warranty starting at the delivery date of your purchase. Please consult the manual for full warranty terms. Clock Forward and Humans since 1982 are committed to providing out of warranty support at reasonable costs as long as we exist. The studio has a history of maintaining large scale works around the world.

    Any repair work should only be carried out by Humans since 1982 support service or an expert authorized by Humans since 1982. Please contact us.

    Humans since 1982 and Clock Forward are not liable for any damage to property or personal injury caused by not following the instructions for use, improper handling or incorrect placement or mounting of the kinetic artwork.