Alli Express Fitch Leigh, Burkofiy, Flourisca, MoriceDeco Clock Scams

Fraud Listings

If you are looking for a review, pricing or to purchase a Burkofiy Clock, Flourisca (or Flouriscauk) Clock, MoriceDeco Clock, Rgiles Kittot, (or any other name or websites such as,,,, Fitch Leigh) for under $500, then prepare to be partially disappointed. The kinetic art timepiece does exist, but these are fraudulent listings of the very real Humans since 1982's ClockClock and A million Times editions. There is only one maker of this work. The good news is we are a US retailer of the ClockClock Editions and can assist you in acquiring one. You can also purchase directly from the makers in Sweden, Humans since 1982. It is an extraordinary work of art from an innovative contemporary studio. We'd love to be able to purchase one for under $100 too (or a Hockney painting for $1000), but in reality, this work starts at $2000 USD (ClockClock 9). These editions are never discounted and there is only one maker. 

AliExpress/Chinese Knockoff

We also are aware of a Chinese knockoff currently on AliExpress (and possibly other marketplaces). Please let us know if you ever made the mistake of purchasing one. We have not seen one in person and would like to hear about your experience without having to pay 1K. We do not encourage you to take this risk.

How You Can Help

Much of this fraud we can not easily stop. You can help us & potential victims by sharing/posting/linking to the real work on Clock Forward or Humans since 1982. Report any scam listings on social media. You can also contact me to report a fraudulent website and/or product listing (especially if the listing renames the work). If this page prevented you from getting scammed, play it forward and share the real work.

Bigger Picture

We are disappointed that Shopify and Facebook make it so easy for scammers to sell products. We think they should take a minute to review new accounts. This is a much larger problem. To the Burkofiy, Flourisca, MoriceDeco, etc. scammers: good job marketing. We think you could make a living using your skills to market actual creators and products. You might be rewarded by that path just as much (or more).