QLOCKTWO TOUCH + Acrylic Glass


Included: 5.3" Alarm Clock Matrix Body + 1 Acrylic Glass Front Cover. Full description »
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QLOCKTWO TOUCH + Acrylic Glass
QLOCKTWO TOUCH + Acrylic Glass
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Measuring 5.3" x 5.3", the QLOCKTWO TOUCH is an artful interpretation of the nightstand / desktop alarm clock. It consists of a clock matrix body constructed of a solid aluminum block and interchangeable Front Cover, that together, tell time in words. The words display time in 5-minute increments, while 4 perimeter dots light up to signify the 1-4 minutes in-between. Front covers are available in over 20 different languages in either QOLOR polished acrylic glass, or stainless steel with laser cut letters in 4 special editions. Like any work of art, QLOCKTWO slows down time and is a pleasure to observe and contemplate.

You only need to purchase one clock matrix body to use any language or style TOUCH Front Cover*. Front Covers are held in place by magnets and are easily interchanged. The clock body attaches to the aluminum stand magnetically. Features include: gentle to increasingly persuasive alarm, touch functions, night light, and 4 illumination settings. View 'specs' for a complete list of features.

All QLOCKTWO products are Handmade in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. The QLOCKTWO family is the recipient of design awards including: Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior, iF Product Design Award, ADCE Gold Award, Red Dot Design Award—and numerous others.

*except Arabic (due to technical reasons)

  • Handmade in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
  • Includes: QLOCKTWO TOUCH alarm clock matrix body, front cover, magnetic stainless steel base, self-adhesive protection strips, 118" USB cable (clear), 5-V USB power supply (plugs into standard wall socket), instruction manual, microfibre cloth, cotton gloves (stainless steel models)
  • Body constructed of solid aluminum milled from a single block, with front cover: 5.3 x 5.3 x 0.7 in (13.5 x 13.5 x 1.7 cm)
  • Weight: approximately 0.9 lbs (0.4 kg)
  • Stainless steel magnetic base: 3.5 x 2.4 x .1 in (9 × 6 x 0.3 cm)
  • Ambient temperature: 59° - 86° F (15° - 30° C) *Do not place in bathrooms, outdoors, or high humidity areas.
  • Precision: ±60 seconds/year
  • Programmed languages (*require matching front cover): CA Catalan, CH Swiss German, CN Chinese (standardized/traditional), CZ Czech, D2 German (alternative display), D3 German (Swabian dialect), D4 German (alternative display), DE German, DK Danish, E2 English (alternative display), EN English, ES Spanish, FR French, GR Greek, HE He/liew, IT Italian, JP Japanese, NL Dutch, NO Norwegian, PE Portuguese, RO Romanian, RU Russian, SE Swedish, TR Turkish
  • Alarm clock
  • Touch snooze
  • Night touch
  • Night light
  • Seconds mode
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Interchangeable Front Covers
    • USB power supply unit port: 110 V − 240 V ~/ 50/60 Hz, 100mA
    • USB power supply unit output: 5 V 800 mA
    • QLOCKTWO TOUCH port: 5 V 380 mA
    • Power consumption: 1-2 watts
    • Included 118" USB cable (clear) and USB/wall power adapter
    • *All QLOCKTWO TOUCH Front Cover variants and languages are interchangeable with any QLOCKTWO TOUCH alarm clock matrix body, except Arabic.
    • QOLOR acrylic glass in 7 different colors
    • CUSTOM COLOR acrylic glass or stainless steel, powder-coated, matt, individual special color RAL, laser-cut letters. Contact us for details.
    • FULL METAL brushed stainless steel front cover, body & base; laser-cut letters
    • DEEP BLACK diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated stainless steel front cover, body & base; laser cut letters
    • CREATOR'S EDITION RUST hand-rusted raw steel, laser-cut letters, black coated body & base
    • GOLDEN LEGEND 24k gold-plated brushed stainless steel; 24k gold-plated base and body
  • Download manufacturer manuals
  • Setting the time

    Setting the time is simple with the 4 buttons located on the back of the QLOCKTWO TOUCH. Time is measured on a 12-hour cycle.


    QLOCKTWO TOUCH buttons
    Back button detail. If you are facing the front and feeling around for these in the back, the order is opposite the above.

    • The time display will blink when you connect your clock to the power supply for the first time or if it has been disconnected for longer than 24hrs. If the time is not blinking, Press & hold [] button for approximately 3 second to enter the time setting mode; display will begin to blink.
    • Press [60] button to advance time in 1 hour increments
    • Press [5] button to advance time in 5 minute increments
    • Press [1] button to add 1 minute increments*
    • Press [] OR [] button to save the time.

    *Adds on 1, 2, 3 or 4 minutes as corner dots. Each time you touch the [1] button, the internal counter for seconds goes to zero. This makes is possible to set the time precisely to the second. Pressing the time buttons outside of the time setting mode adjusts the alarm clock time.

    Time also can be set using a smartphone with the FLASHSETTER app.

  • Adjusting display brightness

    A light sensor on the back helps adjust the level of brightness automaticallly to the surrounding light.

    Press [] button to set the level of brightness. The setting options will cycle as follows:

    • Strong brightness
    • Medium brightness
    • Low brightness
    • Night touch mode (time only diplays when touched)
  • Night touch mode & functions

    The time display is switched off in night touch mode. When the alarm is activated, only the symbol will light up.

    Night touch functions:

    • Show the time of day: Touch the top of the clock body. The time will appear for 3 seconds
    • Show the alarm time: Touch the top of the clock body twice in succession. The alarm time will appear for 3 seconds.
    • End night touch mode: Press [] until your desired brightness setting is selected.
  • Alarm symbol key

    The symbol on the front cover shows the status of the alarm.

    • Symbol illuminated: Alarm on
    • Symbol dim: Alarm off
    • Symbol blinks rapidly: Alarm time is displaying
    • Symbol blinks slowly: Alarm time is being set
    • Symbol pulsates slowly: Snooze mode
  • Setting alarm time

    Alarm time is set for a 12-hour cycle.

    • Adjust the alarm time easily with the [60], [ 5 ], and [ 1 ] buttons.
    • Once your alarm time is set, pause for 5 seconds, and it will be automatically saved.
  • View alarm time
    • Press and hold [] button for approximately 3 seconds.
  • Switch the alarm on/off
    • Turn alarm on: Press the [] button (the symbol on the front will illuminate). When the alarm is triggered, it will start with a gentle sound and gradually become more persistant.
    • Turn alarm off: Press the [] button. If the alarm is sounding, you may also touch the top of the clock body for approximately 2 seconds to turn the alarm off (you will also hear a confirmation beep). The symbol on the front will go dim when the alarm is off. If the symbol is pulsating, the alarm is in snooze mode
  • Snooze
    • Start snoozing: Touch the top of the clock body. The alarm will sound again after 5 minutes. The function can be repeated as often as necessary.
    • End snoozing: Press the [] button or touch the top of the clock body for approximately 2 seconds (the symbol on the front will go dim).
  • Turn on night light

    Activivating the night light lights up the entire display at the brightest setting.

    • Press & hold [60] button for approximately 2 seconds to turn on night light. If you are fumbling in the dark for this, remember it's the button furthest left if you are facing the front of the clock.
    • Touch any button to deactivate the night light.
  • Changing ‘IT IS’ display options

    You may choose to either show the introductory words "IT IS" for full hours and half hours only (the factory default) OR show “IT IS” at all times.

    • Press & simultaneously hold [] + [ 1 ] button for approximately 3 seconds to toggle this setting.
  • Large seconds only display mode

    The seconds can be set to appear as large numbers on the Front Cover display (only the seconds will appear).

    • Press [ 1 ] button for approximately 3 seconds to enter this mode. To return to the normal time display, press any button.
  • Changing the language setting

    Each language requires a separate Front Cover, however the same clock matrix body can be used for every language (except Arabic). To set your language:

    • Press & simultaneously hold [] + [ 5 ] to access language menu.
    • The language currently set is shown in capital letters.
    • Press [] repeatedly until the appropriate language version appears.
    • Press [60] to save the new language and exit language menu.
  • All TOUCH Front Covers are interchangeable

    You only need to purchase one clock to enjoy multiple looks and languages with different Front Covers! The TOUCH clock body is compatible with all TOUCH Front Cover variants and languages.*
    *Arabic is the only Front Cover variant that requires its own unique clock model body.

  • Removing & replacing the Front Cover

    The Front Cover is held in place with magnets.

    • Have a clean, level surface ready to place the Front Cover on before removing it.
    • For all Stainless Steel Front Covers: use cotton gloves when handling (included with delivery).
    • Carefully pull off the Front Cover to remove it. Always set it down with the front facing up to avoid scratches.
    • For all Acrylic Glass Front Covers: remove the Front Cover from the clock body before removing the protective film. Place the Front Cover on a clean, even surface. Remove the protective film slowly, beginning at a corner.
    • Replace the Front Cover accurately onto the front of the clock body.

    If you have multiple Front Covers that are not in use, we recommend wrapping them in a scratch resistant material such as tyvek, or storing them in the plastic sleeve they arrive in plus bubble wrap or or sandwiching between foam core / cardboard cut at least 1” larger than the Front Cover’s edges to prevent accidental damage.

  • Where not to display
    • Do not use the clock in rooms where humidity is high (e.g. bathrooms). This can damage the clock circuitry
    • Do not place the clock directly adjacent to electronic devices that could be sensitive to the clock’s magnets (such as a hard drive).
    • Do not place the clock where it could incur unintentional knocks or pulling of the cable.
    • Do not place on unstable surface.
    • Do not place near a liquid container (such as night stand coffee or water) that could accidentally be spilled on the clock.
    • Avoid direct heat radiation, for example heat from radiators
    • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Cleaning Front Covers

    The Front Cover is held in place with magnets and should be taken off for cleaning. Have a clean, level surface ready to place it on. Carefully pull off the Front Cover to remove it. Always set it down with the front facing up to avoid scratches. Follow cleaing instructions below depending on your variant. After cleaning, replace the Front Cover accurately onto the front of the case.

    CAUTION: Polishing cloths and solvents (e.g. turpentine or benzene), and detergents containing alcohol (e.g. spirit) may damage the surfaces. Use cotton gloves (included with delivery) whenever handling stainless steel Front Covers.

    • Acrylic Glass Front Cover (QOLOR)
      Remove slight stains with the microfiber cloth (included with delivery). Remove stubborn stains with a suitable acrylic glass detergent or with a soft cloth and water containing a tiny amount of dishwasher detergent.
    • Brushed Stainless Steel Front Cover (STAINLESS STEEL)
      Remove slight stains with the microfiber cloth (included with delivery). Remove stubborn stains with a suitable stainless steel cleaner.
    • Coated Stainless Steel Front Covers
      Remove dirt with a soft cloth and water containing a little dishwasher detergent.
      Carefully dust the surfaces with a soft, dry, dust-free cotton cloth or with a soft, fine brush without applying any pressure.
  • Return policy

    All QLOCKTWO Stainless Steel (Front Cover only) variants are eligible for a full refund when returned in their original, shipped condition. QLOCKTWO Clock Matrix + Front Cover packages (TOUCH & CLASSIC) are eligible for a full refund when returned in new, unopened box condition. We will take back an opened QLOCKTWO box within 30 days if your purchase arrives with all the original parts in new condition; the customer must pay return shipping + a 10% restocking fee. QLOCKTWO LARGE models are custom made and not eligible for return. Read our full return policy »

    Most of our pre-sale questions involve which Front Cover to purchase. We can help you decide! For example, we love the Stainless Steel White Pepper Powder Coated Front Cover in person, but it's difficult to show with manufacturer images. Like any work of art, experiencing it in person is different from looking at in on your smartphone or monitor. We even offer an option on our CLASSIC models to purchase a couple of stainless steel Front Cover variants and return the one you don't select. We know sometimes you have to see art in the actual space to decide (lighting, wall color, surrounding decor, etc. can all influence your selection). Please contact us with any pre-sale questions before purchasing.

  • Warranty & repairs

    The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for two years from purchase. Only use your QLOCKTWO TOUCH with original accessories. Failure to observe the information in the instructions for use outlined in the manual or modifying, opening or altering your QLOCKTWO TOUCH is not covered by our warranty.

    Never attempt to repair or dismantle your QLOCKTWO TOUCH yourself. Contact us to find a specialized repair technician.

We know your time is valuable. Allow us to find this work for you.

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