QLOCKTWO 180 Glintscape Creator's Edition
QLOCKTWO 180 Glintscape Creator's Edition
Public display incentives & samples: Contact 1-704-981-0636. 70.8" Clock Matrix Body + Front Cover
100 in stock. Please contact us for current production & transit times.
  • About This Work


  • Technical Specs
    • QLOCKTWO 180
    • Handmade in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
    • Includes: QLOCKTWO 180 including front cover, wall bracket, instructions, wall-mounting template, 10 mounting screws (matching wall plugs for various conditions are available at specialist shops), AC power adapter with DC-connector for 18 V socket, power plug and strain relief and power supply, cable, AC power adapter and junction box (for power supply via a direct power outlet from the wall), strain relief tape for external power supply unit, infrared remote control, microfibre cleaning cloth, cotton gloves
    • Body constructed of wood, white lacquer, with front cover: 70.8 x 70.8 in (180 x 180 cm)
    • Ambient temperature: 59° - 86° F (15° - 30° C) *Do not place in bathrooms, outdoors, or high humidity areas.
    • Languages: CA Catalan, CH Swiss German, CN Chinese (standardized/traditional), CZ Czech, D2 German (alternative display), D3 German (Swabian dialect), D4 German (alternative display), DE German, DK Danish, E2 English (alternative display), EN English, ES Spanish, FR French, GR Greek, HE He/liew, IT Italian, JP Japanese, NL Dutch, NO Norwegian, PE Portuguese, RO Romanian, RU Russian, SE Swedish, TR Turkish
    • *Like LARGE models, 180 Front Covers are bolted in place. It is possible to interchange them, but it is not a quick process and requires a skilled professional.
    • BLACK PEPPER, WHITE PEPPER, RED PEPPER, GREY PEPPER, HAZELNUT stainless steel, powder-coated, matt, laser-cut letters
    • CUSTOM COLOR stainless steel, powder-coated, matt, individual special color RAL, laser-cut letters
    • CREATOR'S EDITION RUST raw steel, hand-rusted, laser-cut letters
    • CREATOR'S EDITION GOLD stainless steel, covered with gold leaf, laser-cut letters
  • Quick Help & Manual

    Coming soon. Please contact us.

  • Pre-Sale Questions
    • Can CLASSIC and LARGE models be wall mounted with a hidden cable?

      Yes, most of our customers directly wire both works (with an electrician), but each also can be plugged directly into an outlet. The CLASSIC's textile power cable is designed for display and comes in 7 different colors. QLOCKTWO ships with all necessary electrical components for either type of installation.

    • Can you send samples?

      Yes, this is part of our business. If you are not 100% certain which variant you want, please contact us for samples so you can see the finishes in person—in your home or office.

    • How is QLOCKTWO pronounced?

      "Clock Two"

    • I am not sure a CLASSIC will be large enough and am considering a LARGE.

      Please contact us before purchasing; we have sample printed to scale that our customers find helpful.

    • Are any of the QLOCKTWO models battery operated?

      No. Each model has a 24 hour battery reserve should you lose power temporarily. If you have any electrical concerns, please contact us.

    • Are you an authorized retailer?

      Yes. We work closely with and order directly from all of our makers.

    • Is the time difficult to set?

      No. There are 3 buttons: hour, 5 minute increments, and 1 minute increments. You can also set the time with an app.

    • Can you ship to locations outside of North America?


    • Will I be able to see the time on a white Front Cover?

      Yes, looking at light Front Covers online is misleading. We are yet to have a client return a Front Cover because they couldn't read the time. When you look at a light Front Cover online, both the opaque front cover and the lit numbers are formed by LEDs. The reality is very different in person. Hold an opaque piece of white paper next to this white screen. What happens? The white paper appears much darker than the screen, even though both are 'white'. There is plenty of contrast to read the lit words on a QLOCKTWO with a white front cover.

    • How long do LEDs last?

      Though technology is constantly improving, today's LEDs last approximately 50,000 hours (or 6 years of continuous operation before decreased luminosity). If your work is in a second home or you are away for long periods of time, you can always unplug or turn off the work (discuss this request with your electrician before wiring directly). Setting the luminosity to auto-adaptive or a lower luminosity level will also increase the lifespan. When your LEDs reach the end of their life, there is a very reasonable circuit replacement program. It is important to us that when our work is installed in your good home, it stays there.

    • Why would I order a black corpus (clock body) instead of a white CLASSIC?

      You only see less than 1" of the side of the CLASSIC model (and slightly more on a LARGE) when it's wall mounted—and only from an angle. However, the black corpus looks elegant with several variants. We strongly suggesting pairing it with the Metamorphite (it gives the illusion of a thick piece of slate). A black corpus also works well with the Hand-Rusted, Raw Iron, Platinum and Black Pepper finishes. If you are displaying the work on a table, consider that the back of the work might be on display too, so even more or less black might be desirable (Metamorphite, Glintscaps and Precious Metal finishes can not be displayed desktop). Currently, far less black corpuses are produced than white, so the price is a little higher. Custom colors are also available.

    • My purchase is a gift and it will not arrive in time from Germany. What can we do?

      We have solutions depending on the situation; please contact us.

    • How high should I hang the work? Is it easy to install?

      Unless it's a tall work, we recommend hanging art with a vertical center point of around 55" from the floor. Some galleries prefer 58". We are aware people tend to hang art too high in their homes. If everything is hung on the higher side in you home, stick with your home's rules. The CLASSIC is easy for one person with hanging experience to install, while the LARGE requires 2-3 people and experience hanging heavy objects. Always hire an electrician for direct wiring.